Our people is our investment of the future

ADEPT is staffed by consultants, scholars with high scientific training, experience in modern economic reality, and professional knowledge of their subject, thus ensuring the effectiveness of our services.

Our partners have many years of experience in a variety of complex tasks, such as: agreements, business plans, M&A, fundraising from alternative sources, subsidized programs, cross-border corporate agreements and more.

Along with our experienced staff, we participate with a central presence in an extensive network of partners, who can at any time contribute positively to the needs of providing services to our customers, companies and organizations.

The investment of our company in the development of the cognitive level of our executives is continuous, considering the one-way, to monitor the continuous developments, challenges and opportunities that arise (τhus giving added value to the result of our collaborations).

Our Values support every service we offer.

Unity and solidarity

We share our experiences coming from different scientific backgrounds and the work we produce is innovative and comprehensive.


Through the creation of innovative products or by developing existing products on the market, we succeed in guiding the market. We serve the business goals of our customers by making them pioneers in their fields of action.

Honesty – Confidentiality

Moral integrity governs our daily work and our behaviors as professional and business partners and guides our every move.
By acting with confidentiality, honesty and integrity among us as partners we lay the foundation of honest and trust relationships with our customers.