Public Relations


The role of communication strategy is crucial for any company – organization, private or public body.
The Public Relations Actions and social media communication strategies we propose focus on online, active participation and online dialogue, essentially combining marketing and PR with search engine marketing and covering a full range of services – from creation and maintaining a long-standing reputation for recovering from a crisis, managing a reputation online, and building a reputation as a politician or entrepreneur.


In the dynamic and ever-changing social environment, the traditional possibilities of managing issues and crises may seem inadequate.
ADEPT CONSULTING has extensive experience in crisis management, dealing with long-term issues and providing advice to anticipate possible crises in a timely manner.
Difficult situations in times of crisis require the active participation of top executives and ensuring the participation of all.
Preparation, along with a well-defined strategy for dealing with crisis management, is a key parameter for the smooth and efficient functioning of the communication policy strategy in times of tension.


In the current context, the field of media is complex and volatile.
Scientific knowledge and adaptation to modern developments are prerequisites.
We have experience in gathering information and we know the issues that are newsworthy.
We have access to local, regional and international media knowing their special features.
We maintain strong ties and long-term relationships with important editors and journalists, and long-term relationships with representatives of specific media sectors.

The development of targeted communication strategies and publicity actions results in building relationships of trust between our customers and the media.