Internal Audit

The internal audit and risk analysis services provided by ADEPT CONSULTING include:
  • Risk focused Internal Operations Controls.
  • Organization of Private and Public Organizations with regulations, policies and procedures.
  • Organization of a Corporate Governance framework – staffing, evaluation and training of administrative boards of Private and Public Organizations.
  • Management – Financial Controls.
  • For existing internal audit units of Private and Public Organizations:
    1. Evaluation of quality of internal audit units.
    2. Risk focused works planning.
  • Scam Control.
  • Computer system controls.
  • Identification, evaluation and management of business risks.
  • Protection framework against money Laundering
  • Organization of Internal Audit, Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance Units.
  • Organization of Self-Assessment Risk Workshops.
  • Compliance control based on the principles of Corporate Governance.
  • Evaluation of the organizational structure of Private and Public Organizations in relation to their strategy and objectives.
  • Annual evaluation of the internal audit system in collaboration with the Management of Private or Public Organizations.
  • Preparation and development of corporate governance code.
  • Evaluation of effectiveness and efficiency of Boards of Directors and Committees.
  • Training of members of the Board of Directors and Committees regarding issues of Corporate Governance.
  • Recording of job descriptions.
  • Controls of the adequacy and effectiveness of Internal Control systems.
  • Internal control in the context of external assignment (outsourcing).
  • Specialized Internal Audit services.
  • Compliance control with applicable law (PDTE 2577, MIFID, AML, BASEL, SOX Act 404, Solvency).